HOT ! Monitoring the Erlang VM With AppSignal’s Magic Dashboard

Nowadays, we are able to dive into one of the tough elements of using any monitoring – making experience out of all the information this is emitted. We suppose that is one of the difficult components. And being builders constructing for developers, we assume a lot like you do – we suppose. Pun intended.
These days, we screen appsignal with appsignal (on a separate setup), so we’re still dogfooding all of the time. We nonetheless run into demanding situations as you do, frequently earlier than you.

Magic Dashboards

We agree with one of the harder challenges is locating the proper information and making feel of it. Once we discover what works satisfactory for a sure setup, we don’t simply keep the solution to ourselves, we make it into an answer that’s to be had to all of our users.

We name this solution magic dashboards. Primarily based on the architecture that you are jogging, we add dashboards that make experience for that architecture.
If you are jogging a latest version of the appsignal integration, magic dashboards will show up when you add a new utility.

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