HOT ! Monitoring the Erlang VM With AppSignal’s Magic Dashboard


This shows the total amount of memory that is used as well as its usage, split into processes, system, binary, ets and code.

The level that is considered normal, obviously depends on your situation. But when this suddenly goes up, it might be an indicator that something is wrong.

For anything that’s monitored on a dashboard, you can set up triggers (which we call ‘anomaly detection’), that will message you via email/slack/PagerDuty when it goes over a normal value for your case, for a certain period. Our Documentation on Anomaly Detection describes how to set that up.

Dashboards for Host Metrics

Apart from the things that you are running in your Elixir setup, when you have AppSignal running, we also immediately add dashboards and metrics for your hosts.

For example, check the ‘Host usage’ link in the Inspect menu item to see throughput, response time and queue time for any Namespace on that Host. And check the ‘Host Metrics’ to see CPU, Disk usage, Load average and more for each of the Hosts.

We’ve seen that the integrated approach of monitoring really helps in narrowing down what causes issues. So for each of these metrics, you can click on a peak, check ‘what happened here’ in the graph legend and see the entire overview of errors, performance issues and host metrics.

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