You weren’t the one in particular who spilled more recordings in 2019

“We’ve barely begun to scratch the surface of streaming’s impact not only on consumer behavior, but also on the multi-billion dollar advertising and entertainment industries,” said Conviva CEO Bill Demas in a statement accompanying the report.

Across all of the Americas—North America, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean—streaming time increased 63% over the October-December 2018 period. In Asia, streaming increased 10%.

In the U.S., streaming time spent on mobile and tablets grew the most (67%), with streaming on TV rising 53%, and increasing computers 21%, Conviva found.

Nearly two-thirds (63%) of streaming video watching happens on TVs, across the Americas, the report says. Mobile viewing accounts for 21% of viewing, with computers grabbing 7% of viewing hours.

On-demand content remained the preference of streamers, accounting for 66% of global viewing time, up from 59% a year ago, according to the report. Live video streaming increased from a year ago, but overall accounted for 34% of viewing time.

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