You weren’t the one in particular who spilled more recordings in 2019

Viewers likely saw better quality streams, too, according to Conviva, which has media companies such as CBS, HBO, Hulu, Sling TV, Univision, and WarnerMedia as clients. Worldwide, video streams had 37% less buffering and 21% higher picture quality, according to the report. Video start failures fell by 12% and video start times increased 6% faster, due in part to live programs matching start qualities of on-demand video.

Streamed ads did not see an equivalent jump in quality. More than one-third (36%) of all ads worldwide failed to play as intended, the report says. And it took commercials nearly twice as long to start.

Video services that rely on streaming ads for revenue will need to improve that aspect, Conviva’s Demas said.

“As with any disruptive technology, growing pains are inevitable,” he said. “The companies that win the streaming wars will be those able to offer viewers a fast, clear, reliable experience regardless of where in the world they live, or what device they use.”

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